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just an ordinary girl who loves cats, Doraemon and Linkin Park (especially Mike Shinoda ♥)

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Dear Mr. Deadline

Mr. Deadline, everytime I hear your name, my heart always stops for a second, DEG. You are the scariest thing that I have ever met in my life. Sometimes, i wanna hide from you, then The Assignments said, “Yes, do me now! So, you will not die when Mr. Deadline comes”. Ah, The Assignment won’t know  what is in my mind. Okay, back to you, Mr. Deadline, Don’t you know that i hate you? It seems like you are the only reason for The Ideas to come into my mind. Yes, he always come when you will come, about 2 hours before you come. Why? Why? Why? Why do this always happen to me?



(written while doing assignments)

Almost There: Final Steps of the #LinkinParkScavengerHunt

i love it! meow

Hello World!!!

hello there, welcome to my blogging-world!! 😀

hope you will enjoy every words that will be written in my blog. 🙂


-evi kf